Aleppo Fighting Continues As Other Fronts Flare in Syria

Opposition forces began major attacks against government forces in the northern city of Aleppo starting July 2. However, government forces struck back Zabadani to the southwest; US-led coalition warplanes struck Hasaka in the northwest; and Turkey moved troops to its border.

July 4, 2015 - Syrian moderate rebels fighting in Aleppo held on to a research center that the Damascus government had been using for military barracks, but a militant group reportedly had been pushed back from the gains it had made in another part of the city when government warplanes conducted dozens of air strikes against their positions.

New Offensive Continues

A coalition of militant Syrian groups began an assault Thursday, July 2, on Aleppo in northern Syria, threatening a key stronghold of the embattled Assad regime. They pushed into west Aleppo, including the Zahra neighborhood that is the site of an air force intelligence facility.

The radical groups Nusra Front, Ahrar al-Sham and others have formed an alliance called Ansar al-Sharia to initiate the battle in Aleppo. They face more than Damascus government forces of the Assad regime. Hezbollah fighters from Lebanon and Shiite militias from Iraq have entered the region to oppose the Nusra Front and the Islamic State.

Further, the Free Syrian Army took the buildings of a scientific research center in the northern part of Aleppo, Reuters and the Syria Observatory for Human Rights reported. The research center had been used as barracks. The Free Syrian Army opposes both the Assad government and radical groups such as IS and Nusra Front. It receives assistance from the United States.

Fragmentation Among Radical Groups

In addition, the Nusra Front faces opposition from other radical groups that oppose the Assad regime and that wish to impose their interpretation of Islamic law. The Islamic State and Fatah Halab have fought against Nusra in the Aleppo area; Fatah Halab was engaged in battle in Aleppo this week and claimed its own territorial gains within the city.

Government Attacks Militant Positions in Zabadani, Near Lebanon

The government forces of Assad along with Shiite Hezbollah allies attacked militant positions in Zabadani, a Syrian town near the Lebanese border between Damascus and Beirut, Lebanon.

Turkey Moves Troops to Border

Turkey moved troops, including its 4th Commando Brigade, to the border regions near Aleppo. It has said it is drawing up contingency plans to establish a "security zone" on Syrian territory.

Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu But a Turkish official told Reuters that if Kurdish forces seized the Syrian town of Jarabulus, just across the border from Turkey, his country would respond militarily.


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