Yemen Crisis Requires Highest Level Response, UN Reports

July 1 - Yemen needs the world's highest level of humanitarian intervention in the wake of a war that has affected millions of people, said the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

As a Saudi-led coalition continues its fourth month of attacks against Houthi rebels, 21 million Yemenis have found themselves in a war zone, often under violent attack, and more frequently without adequate food, water, shelter or medical attention, the United Nations said.

UN humanitarian chief Stephen O'Brien met with representatives of international aid groups to activate a "Level 3" status for humanitarian assistance to Yemen. This is the most urgent call of help, and only three other countries, Syria, Iraq and South Sudan, are classified at this level.

Days before, Human Rights Watch had issued a report about bombing of civilian areas in Saada, Yemen. The NGO said that its field investigators saw several damaged targets that showed no signs of military usage. Heath rebels, who back a former president against the most recently elected president, have taken the city near the Saudi border.

The Human Rights Watch report included a video that showed interviews of victims of aerial attacks and scenes of damage to schools and market places. One of the victims, in turn, released videos, taken with his mobile phone, that showed destruction to his home and casualties among his family.




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