Humanitarian Efforts

Syria: Food Aid in Crisis, Assistance Slow in Coming

Aug. 4, 2015 - A $65 million donation by the United States last week helped the World Food Programme continue its food program for Syrians fleeing war. But the UN food agency said it still requires more to provide food aid for about 4 million displaced Syrians.

Yemen Crisis Requires Highest Level Response, UN Reports

Yemen needs the highest level of humanitarian intervention in the wake of a war that has affected millions of people, said the United Nations. UN aid chief Stephen O'Brien called for a "Level 3" intervention status for Yemen.

Days before, Human Rights Watch had issued a report about bombing of civilian areas in Saada, Yemen. The NGO said that its field investigators saw several damaged targets that showed no signs of military usage.

Humanitarian Open Street Map Team: GIS as Relief Work

This network uses the the open source Open Street Map GIS system to assist disaster relief workers. Primarily, volunteers trace buildings, bridges or other items of interest that would illustrate how a locale looked before disaster struck. Thus, relief workers who encounter a destroyed area would be able to estimate where a building was before an earthquake or landslide, and possibly rescue people who are still trapped inside.