UN: Iraq Casualties Rise to 1,466 in June

July 1, 2015 - Deaths in Iraq due to fighting rose to 1,466 in June, the United Nations reported, higher than the 1,031 recorded in May. The UN said that increased deaths among soldiers and militia accounted for much of the rise.

Western Iraq has been a battleground between the IS caliphate and the Baghdad government in the southeast and the Kurdish autonomous forces in the north. IS forces have overrun much of the western desert provinces, and have captured Ramadi, 63 miles west of Baghdad, and the major oil refinery at Baiji, 117 miles up the Tigris River from Baghdad.

The deaths in June 2015 were the highest since September, the UN said, but lower than the 2,400 reported in June 2014. That month experienced a major IS offensive which resulted in the capture of Baiji and other areas.

The United Nations Assistance Mission in Iraq reported that 665 of the deaths were civilians, including 94 civilian police.


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