Conflict Mineral Rules Becoming Established in Africa, Experts Say

July 14 - Despite challenges and initial suspicions, rules covering the international trade in conflict minerals are taking hold in Africa and are providing a legal framework for small enterprise mining operations to bring the minerals to the international market, experts said at a panel discussion in Washington DC.

Legal production and sale of tin, tungsten and tantalum is viable five years after a new US law began requiring companies to disclose whether they are obtaining minerals that had fostered violence in central Africa, said Yves Bawa, regional director and program manager for the NGO Pact in the central Africa.

Central African Politics Under Watch

July 11- Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo have come under scrutiny by international bodies who caution that undemocratic practices in the Central African countries may lead to instability or violence.

The UN Security Council heard a warning about the July 21 presidential elections in Burundi, and the European Union Parliament passed a resolution calling for immediate political reforms in the Democratic Republic of Congo.